How to Embed X Tweets on Discord

Discord is an online social platform that people can use to communicate through text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and files. Users on Discord can share all these instantly with anyone in the world.

But do you know Discord can also be used to share embedded links on its server or channel?

You are on the right article, please keep reading as in this guide I explain step by step guide “how to embed X tweets on Discord.

Why Embed X Tweets on Discord?

If you own a discord server, you should update your members regarding the latest news, updates, alternatives, and new product launches related to your server niche.

Suppose, your discord server is gaming-related, so uploading gaming news, updates, and related content will make your members engaged.

Also, if you have a server on crypto signals, just providing the daily signals on crypto will not engage your members but keeping them updated with major changes in updates can be an outstanding step.

This strategy can boost your discord server to more followers and earning potential.

Major companies publish their first post regarding updates or new launches on X.

X is a social media platform that major tech and gaming companies use to share their coming event, updates, new launches, and more.

The following are the steps to embed X tweets on the discord server or channel.

First login to your discord account and click on the setting icon located left side at the bottom.

Discord Click Setting To Turn ON embed links and previews of X on Discord

It will open the user setting, and select the Text & Image option from the left side navigation.

Turn ON embed and links previews of X on discord

Make sure the embeds and Link Previews are enabled. It will help to preview the X tweets on your discord server when you embed it.  

Now go to X Tweet you want to embed on Discord. Open the X tweet and click on the share button. It will open a small window, in which click on the copy the tweet link.

Copy X Tweet Link To embed on discord

You can share videos, photos,s or simple text on your discord server.

Embed helps your member to play the video, and copy the text from the tweets without clicking the link.

Now, once you have copied the X-tweet link, go to your Discord server chat, and paste the link.

So, discord will automatically show the preview of X Tweets to your members of the Discord server.

X Tweet Preview

This is how you can embed one individual X tweet on Discord on PC.

Embed X Tweet on Discord On Mobile

If you are a mobile user, then the method is easier than the above one.

Follow the below steps to embed X Tweets on Discord from mobile.

Open X application.

Open the Tweet you want to embed on Discord and click on the share icon.

So, once you tap on the share icon, a pop-up window will open. Will show all installed social apps on which you can share this tweet.

You can tap on copy the link and paste it into the Discord server chat or you can Tap on the Discord option to directly embed this X tweet.

Once you tap on Discord, it will show all available servers on your account. Choose the server in which you want to embed this X tweet.

Note: The above method is used only if you want to embed one individual X Tweet on your discord.

Automatically Post X-Tweets On Discord

What if you want to automatically embed the X tweets on Discord?

This means, that when you post on X it will directly embed on your discord server. It will save time when you want to post many or all posts.

But for auto-post tweets, it’s required that you must be the owner of both the discord server and tweets.

It’s possible when you want to embed your own tweets to your discord server.

So, for that, you need to use another application discord bot named Tweetshift.

The following are steps to set up automatically post tweets on your Discord server.

First, you have to create your Discord server. To create click on the plus button, then click Create My Own. Give a server name and choose the option either For Me and Friend OR For Club larger community.

Once, you have created a server, it’s time to create a text channel in the discord server.

To create a channel, click on the server name, and a new drop-down window will open. Choose Create channel.

Create Channel name for automatic discord tweets embeds

A new, window will open select the text channel.

If you have already a text channel, you can start from the below steps.

Go to the Tweetshift website, it’s a highly recommended and reliable X bot for Discord.

With it, you can link it to real real-time feed between the Discord channel and the X account.

Click on Invite to Server on the Tweetshift home page.

After clicking on Invite to Server, it will take you to Discord. Now, you need to log in to your Discord account.

It will proceed you to the Tweetshift bot, and choose the server in which you want to feed automate X Tweets.

Once it’s all done click on Authorize app.

Give your X account info to Tweetshift, such as username, which types of tweets should be posted, and more.

Tweetshift requires all information that is not sensitive and can be sharable, so not any risk involved for your X account.

After providing all the info and your requirements click on the start button.

Now, the Tweetshift bot has been added to your Discord server. It will take up to 2 hours for feeds to start working.

So, now when you tweet on X, it will automatically embed on a specific discord server.

I Hope This Helps You.

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