How to Go live On Likee | Complete Guide

If you are using the Likee app for creating short videos for your audience then it’s your best choice. Because Likee has thousands of effects and filters to make your face attractive and beautiful. But have you ever thought about how I go live on the Likee app and can interact with followers directly?

Sure, you can it, in this article, I will explain step by step how you can Go live On Likee.

Likee App Age Restriction To Go Live

Likee app does not allow all users to go live on the platform. If you are under 16 you are restricted to create an account, and if you are under 18 you can not use the live streaming service of Likee. You will see the below message when you use live streaming under the above ages.

This the message for someone on Likee who want to go live on likee but under age
Likee Message When Go Live Under Allwed Age

There are some reasons why under 18 users can not start live streaming on Likee.

The first reason is that when you start live streaming, viewers could leave inappropriate and harmful comments with no filters and effects used in streaming.

The second reason is that users could stream inappropriate content which may be disturbing for some viewers. So, I request you to not use the Likee live services if you ar under above adult age.

How To Go Live on Likee

The following are the steps to go live on likee.

  • Launch the Likee application on your device
  • Once you open Likee, click on the camera icon
  • Now, you see the live option at the bottom, along with Video, Photo, and Supermix.
Go Live On Likee
Click Live On Likee App To Start Streaming
  • Click on Live and it will take you to this screen.
  • Now you can select the options whether you want to stream solo, invite multi guests, audio room, or play a game.
  • Select the Solo option here, if you want to interact with your fans on Likee.
  • Once you select the solo option, tap on the Go Live button and your live streaming will start on Likee.
  • Instantly, you will see comments from your fans in the chat box.

Advantages Of Live Streaming On Likee

Moreover, there is also an advantage for you when you interact with your fans in live sessions on Likee.

  1. It helps you to interact and engage with your fans for a long time. They will ask questions from you, and your replay will make it interactive streaming.
  2. You can make money on Likee by training or teaching something such as Music, fitness, and Yoga on Live streaming.
  3. It also helps you increase your followers in a short time.

Before going live on Likee so make sure you have the purpose of live streaming. So, you can interact with fans for a long time.

But one thing you should note is that streaming any inappropriate, sexual, or harmful content may result in to ban on your account. So, it’s mandatory to keep ensuring the Likee live-streaming policy and making informative and entertaining content for your fans.

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