What Is Verify Member In Discord – Explained

In Discord a special feature called “verify member” stands as a key to building trust and safety within the Discord community.

Are you wondering what “verify member” is on Discord and what is its significance?

In this article, we will explain about verify members on Discord and how it creates a secure and reliable space for everyone.

Quick Answer: What is Verify Member on Discord

When joining the community on Discord, the administrator intent to enter only the verified members.

Verified members on Discord are special members who have gone through a process by providing their identities or accepting the policy and rules to confirm they are real not hackers or troublemakers.

When you want to become a verified member on Discord you may need to provide your identity or have agreements to certain rules set by the server administrator. This helps the server owners to keep the community safe from hackers and troublemakers.

But you might be thinking about it that “why verified members have so much importance”

Why Verified Members Are Important

More Safety: Having a verified community create more trust for new members to join as it’s a safer place for everyone. This community is free from fake accounts and from those who want to cause problems.

Focusing On Interest. The majority of servers on Discord are having specific interests. The server owner is more focused to enter the verified persons having the same interests. So, every member of the server can add value and engage with the same goal.

Less Disturbance: Through the verification process the server owner only allows the verified person so it will not create any disturbance. Moreover, each person can add value and share knowledge with confidence.

Setup Discord’s Server Verification Process

If you are an admin, and you want to have only verified members on the Discord server. You need to set up the verification process on your server. The following are the steps to do the verification process on your discord.

  • Open Discord and click on the server in which you want to set up the verification process.
  • Click on the server name, and in the dropdown menu select the server setting.
  • At left side navigation click on role
  • Click on create the role.
  • Give a name to the role as “Verified” or something like that.
  • Once you create a role, now decide which channel verified members should access and give them a verified role for those channels.
  • Choose how you can verify the members. You can use the bot or manually check for the verification process.
  • Create a new channel where new members can go through the process of verification.


Verified member of Discord is an amazing way to keep the community safe, trustworthy, and friendly. Setting up verified member on your discord server keep the community strong and narrow-focused, where everyone is comfortable sharing knowledge. Because they know all members of the community are verified and have the same interests.

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