Ubaid Khan

Ubaid Khan

How to Embed X Tweets on Discord

How to embed X Tweets on Discord

Discord is an online social platform that people can use to communicate through text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and files. Users on Discord can share all these instantly with anyone in the world. But do you know Discord can…

What is KAI Cenat on Discord

What is KAI Cenat on Discord

If you are a Discord user then you must have heard about Kai Cenat. It’s a popular name in discord communities. If you are searching for the Kai Cenat on Discord then you probably know a lot about Discord servers…

Is Premid Allowed On Discord?

Is Premid Allowed On Discord

Are you an online discord gamer or streamer who loves connecting and sharing your online activity with friends and server members? If Yes you are here at the right place. Premid is here to enrich your discord experience and allow…

What Is Verify Member In Discord – Explained

Verify Member in Dicord

In Discord a special feature called “verify member” stands as a key to building trust and safety within the Discord community. Are you wondering what “verify member” is on Discord and what is its significance? In this article, we will…

How To Deafen on Discord Mobile?

Defean On discord Mobile

Do you use the Discord app on your phone and engage in voice conversation with friends? The voice conversations with friends in the Discord app create more fun than typing messages. This voice chat is available on Discord’s channel in…

How to Go live On Likee | Complete Guide

How to Go live On Likee

If you are using the Likee app for creating short videos for your audience then it’s your best choice. Because Likee has thousands of effects and filters to make your face attractive and beautiful. But have you ever thought about…